Five Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Children on a Safari

We’ve heard all the excuses questioning the notion of taking your kids along on a dream African safari. From malaria risks, long travel hours and safety, to questioning amenities in remote areas and wildlife security.

As the experts who’ve organized many a family-safari trip, trust us when we say,

“Africa is an eye-opening, stimulating and educational playground for children”

Your concerns have long been taken care of by expert lodge staff and travel organizers. Taking your family on safari should be a bucket list item, and here are five fabulous reasons why.

5-Star Comes Family Friendly

Royal Madikwe Luxury Safari Lodge

The word ‘African safari’ conjures up images of camping in sleeping bags next to campfires with only the glow from the flames keeping you warm and secure.

Well, think again. Safaris have come a long way, so soak up a bubble bath while gazing from your villa across the African plains, enjoy a campfire dinner in a boma under the stars and retreat to a luxury oasis of soft linens, opulent décor and kids’ facilities to keep everyone safe and happy. Family safari’s come in various forms to suit your needs.

From luxury tents with full bathrooms and inter-connecting suites to all-inclusive lodges with kids’ programs, junior-ranger certificates and babysitting facilities. You can relax while the kids are well entertained and taken care of, and come meal times, you can all gather together where the little ones can choose from their own menu.

A Grand Adventure

If there is one thing an African safari is not, it is boring. Whether your children are 3 or 13 years of age, the magic of African wild mysteries will keep them enchanted and engulfed in a world of excitement and adventure.

From finding new insects with your safari guide to making pancakes on a camp stove and identifying animal droppings and prints, the fun never ends.

Many family-friendly camps host junior-ranger programs where your young ones will be mesmerized at the knowledge and intriguing stories guides have to share.

From 4×4 drives and lion tales to learning about magical plant properties and safety measures in the wild, you may just return home with a budding ranger.

Reconnect with Nature

You may be nervous about your child’s reaction to a week of digital-detox but wait until the adventure unfolds into an experience that will consume their senses entirely.

On safari, the ‘great circle of life’ comes with uncensored extras that are guaranteed to elicit endless questions from naturally inquisitive youngsters. Geography and biology theory effortlessly come to life evoking an appreciation for fragile eco-systems, symbiosis and a passion for taking care of the magnificent gift of nature.

From climate change and the medicinal value of plants, to water and wildlife conservation, an entire world lost to city dwellers is revealed like a dreamy escape into an unknown universe. Safaris can be of extreme educational value, with the outdoors your classroom and Mother Nature your teacher.

It’s Wild

From a stuffed toy to roaring life-sized beasts, meeting The Lion King’ in real life is priceless. Timon and Pumbaa might be spotted running across the dirt road, and although the penguins of Madagascar might not be found on-route, you will be sure to find zebra, giraffe and perhaps a herd of humungous elephant taking dusty baths.

Children all over the world grow up loving African wildlife, but few get to see it in the wild. The anticipation of finding the animals is exacerbated by the search between trees and focusing of binoculars, and when the animal makes its debut, it is sure to be a moment your child will remember for the rest of their life.

Something for All Ages

Whether its for you or the kids, there really is something for everyone. Mom and dad can enjoy spa treatments, cocktails by the pool and photographic safari’s while the little ones can learn about new cultures, make crafts and tick off their wild findings and insect catalogues accompanied by a ranger.

While everyone can have their little piece of safari heaven, there are few experiences that match the joy and excitement of spotting wild life together as a family, trying new foods and stargazing into galaxies of African twinkles next to cosy fires and toasting marshmallows.

We recommend…

Being the 4th largest Game Reserve in South Africa and a malaria-free zone we highly recommend a family safari at Madikwe Game Reserve. Only a short flight or 3.5-hour drive from Johannesburg’s international O.R Tambo Airport, the travel is very do-able with kids in tow.

The Madikwe Reserve choice of world-class lodges offers a large choice of family-friendly accommodation to suit different budgets and age-appropriate facilities.

Pack the bug spray, sunscreen and camera and leave the rest to us. We’ll provide advice on the best place suited to your family. Ready…set…safari!

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