Things to do in Buffalo Ridge

Set magnificently in the west of the malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve, Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge proudly boasts sweeping bushveld views on two tiers, accessed via a wooden bridge.

Built from timber, stone and thatch the lodge blends beautifully into its natural surrounds, reflecting the community-inspired and sustainable upliftment initiative that it is

Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge is the first wholly owned community based safari lodge to be developed in South Africa being a pure ecotourism partnership between North-West Parks, the Balete Ba Lekgophung Community and the operator, The Nature Workshop.

This unique element of its existence exudes a passion and loyalty from staff and community alike, providing guests with memorable experiences.

With a unique touch of local knowledge and community excellence, we highly recommend the following ‘must-do’ activities while staying at Buffalo Ridge.

1. Game Drives

We didn’t expect you were visiting Madikwe Game Reserve without planning a game drive, however being hosted by local community experts who know the land like the back of their hands makes this an all-out adventure. Witness the majesty of native black and white rhino, elephants, lions, leopards and buffalo. Allowing drives to venture off the designated road into the bush to get a closer look at animals is one great benefit of taking a safari whilst at Buffalo Ridge, not to mention the knowledgeable rangers with stories galore to entertain and educate.

Trackers take your unique wishes into consideration, aiming to spot the animals you are passionate about encountering.  

Not only will guides provide an unforgettable experience, but they will also optimize your experience to take great photographic images whilst leading you through a magical wildlife fantasy.

2. Birding

Madikwe Game Reserve is a botany and bird viewer’s paradise with over 300 bird species of all sizes to be discovered.  From enormous flightless ostriches and intriguing birds of prey to scavengers and water-loving birds, the varieties are endless.  

The extraordinary symbiotic relationships between birds and wild animals are fascinating to explore and witness first hand. Bushwalks and private game drives are a great way to maximize your birding exploration.

3. Walking Safaris

Fully immerse yourself into the wild, where each sound and scent has a meaning, by experiencing the wonders of nature on foot.  

For an up-close experience and closer perspective of flora, insects and small animals, bush walks are offered by armed and experienced expert rangers.  

The interpretation of the bush is entirely different to that of a vehicle, as you learn to read the signs of the wild, inspect delicate animal and plant features up close and learn to track animal prints and markings.

4. Dining with a Difference

Whether it’s breakfast, cocktails or dinner, dining in the bush is as extravagant an experience as seeing the Big 5. With a pool deck and sun loungers overlooking the grandiosity of African plains, breakfasts and lazy afternoon cocktails can be spent gazing out over remarkable vistas.

As the sun sets, Boma dinners take campfire dining to a whole new level of extravagance.  With stylishly presented dining tables encircling a roaring fire, the mysteries and tales of Africa come alive in this romantic setting.  

The dancing flames of a crackling fire accompany you as you sip a glass of wine and tuck into delicious local fare under twinkling stars.

5. Stargazing

Out in the wilderness where open plains are untouched by human construction, the night sky displays starry galaxies in breath-taking wonder. 

Lost to city dwellers, the true splendor of the Milky Way is uncovered here in the wild where awe-inspiring sparkling skies and vast galaxies appear on clear evenings.  

Wish upon a star while absorbing the humbling enormity of the African night skies. This experience is sure to etch a twinkle in your soul. Whether you are relaxing by the poolside, on an open vehicle safari, or wishing upon a star, the skilled staff of Buffalo Lodge specialize in making sure every guest enjoys these spectacular surroundings to the fullest. Sit back, and be awed by Africa.

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